Then Came – Option 3…

All the above made me realise I needed to find my purpose, I wanted more freedom, I wanted something of my own, something I could be passionate about, and love doing every single day, to quit ”WORK” and start earning money doing something I enjoy which in turn is providing massive value to people interested in the same things as me. 


My Vision

Is for us to live in a world where a true sense of belonging and calm enables everyone to have the confidence and belief in the value that every step they create will consciously contribute to the impact their lives make.

My purpose

Is to be present with others to help them become confidently aware of their true value, so that they can bravely stand and take the action required to create moments which will last a lifetime.

My Mission

Is to be empathetic towards others who are struggling with self-belief, helping them to gain more confidence by guiding them to realise and trust there is nothing better than the best version of themselves, empowering them to feel more valued and encouraging them to feel uplifted by seeing all they can be grateful for.

I didn’t enjoy school –

In fact, up until my 30’s I didn’t enjoy education much at all. But when I decided to become the best version of myself possible, not only for my benefit or even those closest to me but for the entire world, I realized I had to learn in order to grow. 

When you have a purpose to learn something or you’re actually interested in that subject the learning is easy.

Physical education in school was always easy to me...

It was important to me, I enjoyed it and I had my heart set on becoming a personal trainer – it had purpose. I left school and followed my passion into the world of health and fitness, but sadly the reality of business soon hit and I realised I wasn’t a very good business man. I was an excellent personal trainer but at the immature age of 17 I wasn’t very business minded but plugged away for a good couple of years until at 19 years old I found myself trying to write a business plan with no idea on what I was doing, so decided I needed a proper JOB.

You could say it was one of the worst choices I ever made as the next 12-13 years have been an emotional roller coaster, but has taught me soo much (everything happens for a reason).

2007 I landed myself a JOB as a security engineer.

I started right at the very bottom but from day one I was getting more money than I ever earnt as a personal trainer, even with all my health and fitness, coaching qualifications and experience I walked into a new role knowing nothing about the industry but getting paid more than ever. I very quickly climbed the ladder and was getting pay rises every 6 months.

By 2011 -  I was on the property ladder (small 2 bed flat which we re-furbished)

2014 - I had doubled my annual salary from when I started, sold our flat and bought a house.

October 2014 – sadly my dad ‘very suddenly’ passed away (brain tumour) literally over night with no notice. This was a massive wake up call for me, I decided I needed to start taking more action, make big changes and start living.

New Year’s Eve 2015 - I asked my girlfriend of 6 years to marry me.

September 2016 - We got married in Newquay, Cornwall (our favourite place), but soon after I started to recognize I wasn’t where I wanted to be things weren’t moving fast enough, in general I wasn’t happy.

Now earning 3 times what I was as a personal trainer, 

Owning a lovely house with a double garage (what I always wanted), lovely neighbours, the most amazing wife. We were able to eat out regularly, drive a nice car, a motorbike just for fun with several classic car (mini’s) projects in the garage, all-inclusive holidays and private villa holidays were now the norm.

But…… I was the unhappiest I had ever been.

I soon learnt that depression was a real thing, genuinely not having any control over my emotions was/still is sometimes a living nightmare. I had everything I had ever aimed for but wanted to literally bin the whole lot and start again, but it wasn’t just me, my wife has also worked just as hard so we can afford the things we do, it wasn’t just my life – it was OUR LIVES

Hitting Rock Bottom -

There were times when ending my life seemed to be the only way out.

Even now writing this still makes me cry and also really angry that the co-operate lifestyle forced up on soo many of us is driving soo many people to feeling that way.

We are told -

·       Work hard in school

·       Get a good JOB

·       Work hard in your JOB 

·       Climb the ladder

·       Earn more money

All so you can just buy/borrow more stuff which will only tie you down to your job even more, so you work harder to earn more money in the hope it will end your struggles to find that all it does it make you more stuck because you now lack the motivation and energy to break the cycle so you are left with two choices...

1.    Continue doing what you know because it’s too late to change now and you’ve come too far to go backwards.

2.    Escape it all

Keep Reading as thankfully later I discover a 3rd option…

I spent the next 2 years looking into re-educating myself to learn a new trade/skill, I went down several avenues, I wasted a lot of money but nothing stuck, mainly because I kept quitting/losing interest due to there not being a real purpose and finally realised they would lead to being stuck in another job just in a different industry, that’s not mentioning the major pay cut I would have had to take until I mastered that new skill.

Hitting my 30’s has taught me that having money won’t make you happy, having money is great and will make life a lot easier but it’s how you make that money that makes you happy.

The value your giving someone else

Your purpose

Your worth 

The service you are providing

The product you are selling (if your passionate about it) is what makes you happy.

Giving is so much more fulfilling than receiving.

When you wake up excited to provide more value to your customers every day – 

That’s where happiness is.

Unfortunately, when you’re in a JOB (Just. Over. Broke) and constantly being presented with brick walls by your superiors every time you try to add more value and you realise that what they really want is just a robot mentality, they don’t want you to think outside of the box because it’s their business not yours – your purpose and worth goes out the window. You can turn up one day and work your ass off and get nothing extra out of it compared to the day you turn up and put very little effort in 

Where’s the fulfillment in that?

Hello and Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me, my background and how I found my purpose.

Matt Yeomans